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My name is Stephen Wenzel. Photography has been my passion for 4 years now, and I have applied my skills all over the photography world through portraiture, events, and nature photography. I started out in March of 2016 with an interest in the outdoors, when I had a great encounter in my backyard in the Great Smoky Mountains. Since then, I have traveled as far west as the Grand Canyon, as far north as Montreal, and as far south as the Florida Everglades to capture pictures of amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery. If you would like to check out these pictures, please look at my Landscapes & Wildlife page!

The first opportunity that I had to show people my skills was through the Folkmoot International Dance Festival, a festival that embraces diversity and aspires to promote peace throughout the world. This festival has performances throughout Western North Carolina every summer, and I highly recommend attending any one of them! I have spent my entire life with Folkmoot, and I felt that capturing the vibrancy and diversity of the festival through photography was one of my best chances to give back to my community. Therefore, in the summer of my senior year of high school, I called the director of the festival, and I was overjoyed to hear that I would become an official photographer for the festival. To check out my contribution to Folkmoot, please visit the Events page!

Once I entered my first year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I began to explore more areas of photography. In the Fall of 2019, I took a photography lighting and business practices class where I learned about the photo journalistic side of photography, how to use equipment such as off-camera flashes and different colored gels, and how to become more fluent in the language of photography. This class changed my perspective of photography and challenged me to mature as a photographer. Through this class, I was able to secure my first paid job opportunity as an event photographer at a local bar in Chapel Hill. I was also able to use my skills to do photoshoots for students at UNC-Chapel Hill and for people back home. If you would like to check out my portraits or would like to sign up for a session, please visit the Portraits page!

I hope that you enjoy my photography as you go through the tabs at the top of your screen, there are a lot of photos to look at! If you have any questions or would like to talk about tips & tricks for photography, please email me at swenzelphotography@gmail.com! I usually respond within 1-2 days, including non-business days. Also, everything on this page that is underlined is a link to that page or an external website!

Make sure to check back regularly! I usually update my website with new pictures, new features, or even new layouts each week!

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