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Stephen Wenzel Photography

Community. Collaboration. Creativity.

Welcome to Stephen Wenzel Photography. I'm located in Clyde, North Carolina, where I dare to explore beyond the limitations of my camera. I am driven by a passion for transforming moments into timeless art, capturing emotions that go beyond what my lens can visualize.


Specializing in portrait and event photography, I aspire to uncover unique stories, authentically reflecting the essence of every subject and event. I don't just capture moments; I turn them into cherished memories.

Additionally, I continue to explore the great outdoors where my interest in photography began. I enjoy tracking wildlife, traversing the Blue Ridge Parkway, and capturing vivid photos of the memories I make with each trip. 

Furthermore, I enjoy being creative with light paintings, tracking the patterns of light given off by fireworks, stars, and equipment in my inventory.



“When people say Stephen is amazing, it’s an understatement. He will work with you on whatever look you’re going for and end up with a product incredibly better than you imagined. He is one of the most creatively talented, patient, easy-to-get-along with photographers that I’ve ever worked with. His love for nature pours out through his shooting process and left me feeling inspired. He made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera, and I can’t wait to shoot more pictures with him in the future!”

Lucie Patten | Model

“Stephen was a fantastic photographer to work with! He valued making the experience collaborative but his own creativity was revealed with unique and inspired takes on a classic subject. I would highly recommend Stephen for not only a skilled and professional photographer but anyone looking for a unique and quality angle.

Alex Baker | Pianist, Songwriter

“Working with Stephen is a learning experience as well as a photoshoot! His creativity flourishes from his work, and I saw this first hand. Stephen understands his equipment inside and out. He is also willing to experiment with new technologies and techniques. Stephen is very patient as well, making him very easy to work with. His photography has continued to beat my expectations since the first day I saw one of his pictures.”

Emma Clarke | Model

"Stephen is the most determined photographer I know. He takes exceptional photos and he goes above and beyond to make sure that they are his best work. From getting the perfect angle to making sure the client is happy and comfortable during the shoot, it's Stephen's personal touch to his photography that puts him above other photographers."

Rachel Worley | NCSU Graduate

"Stephen is a true photographer at heart. He has an eye for good shots and knows how to edit. I was incredibly impressed by his artistry and knowledge of how to create great shots. I will be recommending everyone to him because of how diligent he is and how much he pours into his work. The process was completely smooth. As a business owner, I was impressed by how well he had created the customer journey. I was never surprised or worried. I had a great time working with him."

Tyrell Carter | UNC Chapel Hill Graduate

“Stephen was amazing to work with. I honestly had so much fun in the photoshoot and it showed in the wonderful pictures. He listened to what I wanted and executed it perfectly, while also giving tips and direction. He is very knowledgeable and knew what would look good on screen. Throughout the session he showed me his shots so we could collaborate on ideas. Great experience, and stunning/Insta-worthy pictures. I would recommend Stephen to anyone.”

Emma Taleb | UNC Chapel Hill Graduate

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