Hello there, my name is Stephen. I'm a portrait photographer from Clyde, NC with the passion to create the most creative pictures possible. My goal in every session is to create meaningful pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime, in a way no other photographer has done before. Even if it is a more traditional style photoshoot, I will find some way to make your photos unique and to highlight your personality. 

Trust me, as well as these wonderful people who have left their testimonials of my services, when I say that I will do my best. 

Sign up for one of my sessions today. You won't want to miss out on this opportunity to get extraordinary pictures.

Stephen Wenzel
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"Stephen was a really fantastic photographer to work with! He really valued making the experience collaborative but his own creativity was revealed with some of the unique and inspired takes he had on a classic subject. I would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone looking for not only a skilled and professional photographer, but anyone looking for a unique and quality angle."

Alex B.


"Stephen is the most determined photographer I know. He takes exceptional photos because he goes above and beyond to make sure that they are his best work. From getting the perfect angle to making sure the client is happy and comfortable during the shoot, it's Stephen's personal touch to his photography that puts him above other photographers."

Rachel W.

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"Working with Stephen is a learning experience as well as a photoshoot! His creativity flourishes from his work, but is also able to be seen first hand. Stephen understands the equipment that he is using inside and out. He also is willing to experiment with new technologies and techniques. Stephen is very patient as well, this makes working with him very easy. His photography continues to beat my expectations since the first day I saw one of his pictures."

Emma C.


More testimonials...

"Stephen was very relaxed the whole time and was willing to change the plan based on what I was looking for. We were able to try a lot of locations and poses, and we never had any real conflict over what we were able to do. When I decided to get a few more photos, we were able to schedule a super convenient mini-shoot to take a few more pictures. We had a few scheduling conflicts, but Stephen was very flexible the whole time and was able to work with my changing schedule. Our shoots were a great experience, and the pictures came out better than I expected. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a professional photographer."


—  Dylan V.