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Embark below

Escape to the breathtaking wonders of nature through my lens! Immerse yourself in the serenity of landscapes, the vibrant hues of wildlife, and the delicate dance of flora captured in my exclusive nature photography collection.

- For every purchase -

10% is donated to the

Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation

- to provide funding for trail maintenance -


Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation

"Since the Foundation’s start, our Community of Stewards has invested more than $22 million toward Parkway initiatives and programs. Our work focuses on Education & Outreach, Historical & Cultural Preservation, Visitor Amenities, and Natural Resources."

Where was Stephen?

Embark on a photographic expedition beyond the Southeast, as my lens captures the diverse beauty of places like the Florida Everglades, Red Rock Canyon, bustling Houston, Texas, and the charming cities of Quebec and Montreal. While rooted in the enchanting landscapes of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains, and Pisgah National Forest, my adventures extend to these unique destinations. Each photograph offers a glimpse into the distinct character of these locations, showcasing the vibrant wildlife, dramatic canyons, and joyful energy. Join me in this visual journey that goes beyond borders, and follow along through my Instagram page!

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